Apple has an event scheduled for Thursday , October 27, to present their newest redesigned product:. MacBook Pro Without an update in line for more than a year, 2016 should mark the reinvention of the more premium professional laptop company.
As widely reported in recent months, with the release of these images have confirmed some rumors highly anticipated by consumers. You can notice that the screen edges – in the pictures appears to be the 13-inch version – and also the keyboard are much thinner than previous models. The keys must use the same butterfly system implemented in the smaller brother MacBook released in 2015. And the speakers are on the sides.

 Apple just leaking the look of the new MacBook Pro ahead of time

The MacBook magic bar
However, who should steal the attention it is the brand new touch bar above the keyboard with OLED display. For images, you can conclude that it can display icons, buttons, phrases, symbols, and other actions, as we can see in the notification apple pay with the fingerprint reader.
Something really expected, since one of the great new features of MacOS Sierra is allowed to unlock the computer and make purchases on sites that support the payment system. Even after the site 9 to 5 Mac find icons that refer to functionality in the operating system, as you can see below.

Mackbook Magic Bar
One of the possible names for the new bar is Magic Toolbar, brand found in log files by Brian Conroy’s blog The Trademark Ninja last week. However, this is more a guess than a certainty. Unfortunately the doors are not visible in the leaked photos, but sources close to believe that we will have 4 USB Type-C and a headphone input, eliminating the HDMI port, the MagSafe charging input and SD card support.