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Report Says Facebook is Trying an in-app Search Engine

Facebook is now rushing to it s next step, it is testing an internal search engine mobile app, as per the reports. There are some iOS supporters are looking to add a link option next to the buttons to add location, pictures and emotions

Facebook will Raise Funds to Support Nepal Quack

The leading social networking website Facebook has decided to raise funds over $10 million just in two days to support earthquake-torn Nepal. The Himalayan land was flustered by a strong earthquake measuring 7.9 on Richter Scale brought severe disaster on April 25, this serious

Want to Know The Salary of Some Facebook Practitioners? Check here

Earlier this year, we published here on new Onclickinfo show what the 15 highest paid positions in Google. It certainly caught the attention of many people to know what is the reality in other companies of the weight, and if you are in this group

Facebook Will Use Drones To Connect World Remotely Through Internet

The initiative is part of Internet.org project. The first test was successful in the UK. Facebook announced that its first test with a drone in the UK has been completed successfully. The initiative is part of Internet.org project that intends to take Internet signal

Exclusive – Facebook Launched New Amazing Video Feature

We recently reported that Facebook will have a new integrated video player, allowing the incorporation of recordings posted on the social network on any other platform – as well as in the YouTube and Vimeo, for example. But that was not the only novelty

New Feature of Facebook Allow You to Edit Previous Posts

Facebook held this afternoon (25) F8 developer conference focused. The event was presented by the CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, and the executive has revealed several new features that should appear soon in the social network. Among the new features of these is the “Road of

Facebook Removes the Emotion “Feeling Fat” – Read Why

The Facebook¬†starred in a case controversial in recent days. The English version of the social network was able to express the feeling of “be feeling fat” in your status update, something that bothered the nonprofit Engendered Bodies. Because of this, the NGO started a

Want to Work on Facebook? So be Prepared Your Self to Answer These Questions

Selection Process jobs usually involves several steps and test candidates’ knowledge in different skills. In general, the larger the company’s complexity is involved in these processes due to the high demand of those who want to fill one of these positions, and the things

Mark Zuckerberg Makes Predictions About The Future of Internet and Social Networks

Visiting Bogota, Colombia, for the inauguration of Internet.org – NGO that seeks to connect the world’s population does not have access to the global network – in the country, Mark Zuckerberg took the opportunity to do a Q & A with the audience. Asked

Facebook Knows You More Than Your Friends and Family

Whenever you use a personal desktop computer, laptop and other mobile phone devices, leaves a huge trace behind, and this is natural, after all, we are living the divine golden days of the Internet, where information flows well impersonality there. Believe me, your machine