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Samsung Smartphones Will Be The New Credit Cards

Samsung will allow you to stop using plastic bank card soon. The company will launch the service payment with the Samsung smartphone toll call. The service will be available in countries very soon. Some models of mobile brand have technologies that allow communication with

Samsung Galaxy S6: Five tips for saving energy on your device

We are about to design interactive images on virtually any surface and want to establish colony on Mars (doubts? Click here, also visit this page to learn about future scenarios already glimpsed). However, mass production of mobile phones with batteries capable of lasting more

Samsung Galaxy E7 Full Specification – Reviews – Price

Samsung Galaxy E7, day through Google Play and download apps available for a day packed with features necessary to download the Android 4.4 smartphone operating system with an easy to use Meet . Handset, emails, access social networks, watch videos and more to play

Samsung Galaxy A7 Full Specification – Reviews – Price

Samsung Galaxy A7 High quality entertainment in their daily activities made for those seeking a smartphone, Samsung Galaxy A7 a slim, sleek profile and a high-definition videos in order to run faster, as well as playing a super premium metal design Full HD Screen

Samsung Galaxy S6 Full Specification – Reviews – Price

Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S6 enjoy their daily production and multimedia content to be an important partner to expand an example. The metal and glass design is a key differentiation. Super AMOLED 5.1 HD Super AMOLED screen quad as both closed out fits. Levels of

The Entertainment Stream Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 will be announced in June

As many of us know, Samsung is concentrate at work to be the successors to the premium Galaxy Tab S duo. The Tab S2 will come in two sizes one is 8.0 inch and other one is 9.7 inch and will utilize 4:3 aspect

Samsung Galaxy Mini S5 Full Specification – Reviews – Price

Samsung Galaxy Mini S5 Duos take your photos and videos in high resolution allows features an 8-megapixel camera. It offers different functional applications, download comes with Android 4.4 KitKat and 3G to surf the Internet with agility. 3G Technology 3G technology to enjoy content

Report says Samsung Galaxy S6 edge screen rotation not working- What’s the Reality

It’s been less than a month of Samsung global launch, S6 edge has received hit by reports of the screen rotation feature not working on some parts. The early buyers of Samsung Galaxy have put a complain for S6 edge through online forums, that

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Full Specification – Reviews – Price

Entrance Compact Version with two Chips Mobile Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini – White rear 8MP camera and comes with front 1,9MP, and dual-core 1.7GHz processor. Made of material that provides protection from scratches 4.3 “screen, to perform any activity which provides clarity Super AMOLED

Samsung galaxy S6 Lets Know What to Do with your Android Devices

The Samsung galaxy has released and people are planning what to do with their Android gadgets. However, some people will consider trading their old Android Phones in April to manage the new S6 price. Here are some tricks that can help you to turn