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QMobile Will Introduce Noir Z8 with Jacqueline Fernandez

QMobile once again is about to hit the market, to give a boost to its upcoming Noir Z8 it has hired top actress and models from Bollywood. They leading stars will endorse the Smartphones in Pakistan. This Jacqueline Fernandez will introduce Qmobile Noir Z8.

The Entertainment Stream Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 will be announced in June

As many of us know, Samsung is concentrate at work to be the successors to the premium Galaxy Tab S duo. The Tab S2 will come in two sizes one is 8.0 inch and other one is 9.7 inch and will utilize 4:3 aspect

Your free Android apps speak to Millions of ad sites

If you are the one who has used Android Apps then you must be astonished about the Ads as from where they are coming.  As per the French research team, you have the cause to be careful. They find a source to automatically scan

Facebook will Raise Funds to Support Nepal Quack

The leading social networking website Facebook has decided to raise funds over $10 million just in two days to support earthquake-torn Nepal. The Himalayan land was flustered by a strong earthquake measuring 7.9 on Richter Scale brought severe disaster on April 25, this serious

Next Windows is called Redstone and should arrive in 2016

In Last Few Years, many alias Microsoft used internally to talk about their operating systems. Windows 8.1 was called Blue for a while and Windows 10 had the Threshold codename used by all the press until the official announcement of the release. And following

Exclusive – The First Game Approved For The Apple Watch IS Rules

Watch Apple hits stores April 24, and the first applications are being approved for the Apple smart watch company. Between games, the first is rules !, Adapted from a version that had already left for the iPhone and iPad in August 2014. Rules! costs

New Technique Uses Gestures To Detect Malware on Mobile Devices

According to the US university new technique is based on the use of motion sensors, position and mobile environment to meet user gestures. The malware on mobile is a growing problem, but researchers at the University of Alabama, USA, discovered a new way to

Windows 10: How To Arrange The icons on The Start Menu Or In The Home Screen

Menu Home: return “The saga directed by the Microsoft traditional tool still feeds the warmest of discussions The fact is that the back of the Start menu as a native feature of Windows 10 users not only pleased that cried for rescue; new features

5 Tips To Make The Sign of The Wi-Fi Network To Reach Every Corner of The House

Wireless Internet access via Wi-Fi network makes “miracles” in the life of modern man. Power use your computer, smartphone or tablet anywhere in the house – is in the room, in the kitchen or even in the bathroom – it’s a great “gift” that

Samsung Galaxy S6 will support the Featuring 16MP camera

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is continuously bringing updates. For sure, because of many details it is enlisted on high number of rumors, hence taking us to trust they are very much associated. Now the news is saying Samsung is thinking which resolution will employ.