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Next Windows is called Redstone and should arrive in 2016

In Last Few Years, many alias Microsoft used internally to talk about their operating systems. Windows 8.1 was called Blue for a while and Windows 10 had the Threshold codename used by all the press until the official announcement of the release. And following

Intel Curie – Intel Announces the Smallest Wearable Computer in The World

Intel wants to win the battle to create the smallest wearable computer in the world. Called Curie, the device is so small that was almost impossible to see him during his demonstration in the international fair of technology CES 2015 in Las Vegas. The

Check out 10 tips to improve the life of the computer

Measures such as updating your software, keep up the signature of your antivirus and scan for spy programs (spyware) can increase the life of your appliance Do not have money right now to buy a computer and need to postpone the exchange for a

JAGUCHI – Elecom X Nendo’s Tablet PC Stand

This is a must have device stand. No need to hold your tablet for long, simply place it on this stand and enjoy video conversations on Skype, viber or watch your favourite video.

Special Offer! OnClickInfo Introduces An Exciting Competition

Using free WordPress themes is getting so common. One must purchase a different theme, which no one else has! For this, we are offering free WordPress themes to our readers! Thrilled Already? Simply like and share our Facebook page and website. The more you

Facebook tests new ad games on notifications

Is Facebook testing a new form of ads: suggest games in box notifications. According to All Things D, which classifies the initiative as ‘potentially irritating’, the advertisements are based on the gaming habits of the user, which would mean that someone who has a

Google, Facebook and Cave: Meet datacenters worldwide

Data center hosted in a cave until the servers that hold the largest web services, see photos of data centers                 Facebook – Facebook has opened its first data center outside the United States. The building of

Facebook launches giant stickers for release on tablets and PCs

Facebook Launches giant Stickers, Figures were available only on smartphones with Android and iOS

UK is a victim of cyber espionage attacks, says agency

About 70 cyber espionage attacks happen every month against the British government networks and private companies to steal corporate secrets, according revealed the director of the Center Listens UK, GCHQ, Iain Lobban.

See the video functions of Instagram surpasses the Vine

Facebook released a video tool Instagram, Which Allows you to record movies up to 15 seconds. The launch comes on the heels of the success of the Vine, Twitter app for sharing short videos. Here are five functions of the Vine Instagram does not