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Your free Android apps speak to Millions of ad sites

If you are the one who has used Android Apps then you must be astonished about the Ads as from where they are coming.  As per the French research team, you have the cause to be careful. They find a source to automatically scan

Google Glass Fall And New Design 2015

Google Glass was introduced to the world in 2012 and delivered to journalists in 2013. By far the commercialization of its technology, fans expecting an amazing and ready for the “general” use device. Reviews and articles appeared in the gadget, and most of them

Exclusive: Russian Fine Google to Displaying Abortion Clinics Ads

The Russian government announced Monday applying a fine of 100,000 rubles (1,350 euros) to the US company Google to display ads abortion clinics in your search engine. In a statement, the Federal Antimonopoly Service to remember that Russian law prohibits any advertising relating to

Police think New Waze’s traffic app Will cause of danger for Officers

 Might be you are the one using Google Waze app initially to get rid of traffic jam and examine for speed cameras, but for some American offices this is a dangerous situation and they are looking for help from Google. Giving statement to the Associated

Google Enters The Top 10 in The Race For Patents; IBM Maintains Leadership

Technology companies seemed well between the major holders of US patents in 2014, IBM maintained its leadership over two decades. Last year, IBM achieved 7,534 patents, according to data from the IFI Claims Patent Services. The registration mark is 11% higher than the figure

GOOGLE Passes Out Real Time Voice and Text Translators Update

The Translation application of Google is to a great degree helpful for incessant voyagers. According to the reports of Google, around 500 million individuals make utilization of Google interpret on regular routine. The figure makes pretty nearly one billion interpretations consistently. As of late,

Google HTC Nexus Tablet 9 – Google HTC Nexus Tablet 9 Specification

When the Nexus line reached tablets, Google had a very clear proposal: to offer devices with a cost-benefit and that even if they had no technical specifications to go toe to toe with a top of the line, could run smoothly everything that was

Google Translate now Translates Images and Conversations In Real Time

As promised, Google announced on Wednesday, 1/14, a major update to Google Translate in Android and iOS platforms. New features include integration with Word Lens for automatic text translation written on plates / street signs, menus or other printed items. The new Google Translate app also