Everything indicates that Google does not planning to reduce soon the pace of updates to Android, following with increasingly smaller and accelerated cycles for some years. This is because, although the version Nougat (7.0) of the company’s mobile operating system only started to take its first steps now – coming just a very select number of platform supporters devices – it can now receive a new update weight very, very soon from Google.

Taking advantage of the fact that the “season Apple” is giving a cooled – after the release of the new iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, Apple Watch Series 2 and iOS 10 – the search giant seems to want to take that end of 2016 for you. Not long ago, the company announced that next October 4, will organize an event for the press to reveal a number of new features. Although the news of the highlights probably stay with the new smartphone brand – Pixel and Pixel XL – the nougat should also have its place in the sun.


Google itself already gives clues about the possible update

The discovery that a possible update Android 7.1 can give the guys in the appointment by Google was made on Monday (26) by a Reddit user. The Android developer and online discussion forum adept realized that this issue was listed on the Google Play Developer Console when trying to filter errors, crashes and reviews for user system version. Because the software only list official versions released by the company, the discovery virtually confirms the proximity of this new nougat.

For now, it is unclear exactly what changes that Android 7.1 can bring to the table, whether it will be a security update and chip edges or will bring more robust news to accompany the arrival of new smartphones from the house. For now, count the days and track Onclickinfo to stay in the know about this Google event, which, in addition to mobile phones and operating system, can also bring other new features, such as a Chromecast with support for 4K and a router WiFi brand.