Mobile Technology : The ease of mobility and convenience is leading people to increase knowledge of new technologies. It’s definitely a new phase, now considered a milestone in the history of technological evolution.

About Mobile Technology

About Mobile Technology

The index of consumer confidence for electronic products reached in July and August of 2009: 87, 29%.

In 2010 the turnover in commerce reached $ 15 billion. The expectation is that in 2011, this value is exceeded. It indicates that the study created by the “” (Brazilian Chamber of Commerce).

Recent research conducted by the Association of Consumer Electronics (CEA – English acronym) identified the top 10 technology trends for 2011 and highlighted the focus on “green” technology, where all innovations must take the environment into consideration.

The use of applications for smartphones and mobile broadband and 4G were also featured in the survey. Another highlight was the use of tablets such as the iPad.

As research company Global Information and Media, Nielsen, the use of computers enotebooks is decreasing in relation to the use of the tablet’s. The data show that PC sales have fallen, while the sale of devices such as smartphones and tablet’s have increased.

In the fourth quarter of last year were 100.9 million smartphones sold versus 92.1 million PCs The great advantage of the most modern equipment is due to ease of using them, and join several functions in one accessory.

Smartphones provide the usario ease and mobility, as podessem carry within their pockets, the company they work for.

In Japan, users of smartphones using the phone to pay to enter the subway. The application for iPhone, called “Visa payWave”, was developed by the VISA. It’s possible to pay the passage of subway, bus and even a taxi.
The novelty is the introduction of 4G networks, a faster version of the 3G. Is connection may cause some Member Webcams abandon traditional internet connections to connect all your home appliances to the cellular network.

This explosion in the use of social networks, the emergence of new devices to access the web, highlighting the tablet’s and the popularity of smartphones, presents itself as a challenge for IT managers.

Below is a list of the top 10 technology trends for 2011:

Mobility and tablet’s
New generation of analysis
Social Analysis
Social communication and collaboration
Contextawarecomputing (focus enrich interaction man / machine)
Ubiquitous computing (ubiquitous)
Computers and fabric-based infrastructure (able to support cloud and virtualization)

Just as in science fiction, the contemporary world is turning into a stage for new trends, automaticidades and ubiquity.