The Nexus 6 has truly watts hardware specifications. And we already know: the device developed through a partnership between Motorola and Google almost had a Finger print  sensor coupled to the housing. But, after all, why the accessory is not part of the smartphone with Android operating system?

Motorola Nexus 6 Has No Fingerprint Sensor

According to Dennis Woodside, CEO of Motorola, responsible for the absence of a fingerprint reader on the Nexus 6 is the same Apple. In an interview with The Telegraph, the executive said biometric measurement technology was being developed by Motorola in conjunction with Authentec in 2011 – the plans of both companies was to present the sensor with the Atrix 4G smartphone.

But in 2012 everything changed. Apple bought the company behind the development of TouchID for not less than US $ 356 million. Under the gaze of Woodside, the Athentec was the best supplier of this type of accessories at the time. “The secret behind this should have been the system of fingerprint scanning, and Apple bought the best supplier,” said the executive.

Companies with alternative technologies capable of performing biometric measurements were scarce and also unprepared for the demands of Motorola. Thus, according Woodside, Apple “broken” the best company in the industry and ended up leaving the Nexus 6 with a fingerprint reader.

Synaptics with a partner has come to be formed for the development of a “blow” to the biometric device Android; plans, however, not achieved (see here). It is not known if Motorola completely abandoned the idea. 2015 will see Nexus line of devices with fingerprint readers?