In search of new data to boost your targeted advertising, Twitter will begin to look what other users downloaded applications on their mobile devices.

twitter knows which application user use on smartphone

Since last Wednesday, 11/26, the company began collecting data about which users have other apps on your iOS and Android smartphones. The data, according to Twitter, will help the company deliver better “cured content” to users. This most likely will include ads, but perhaps best recommendations about who should follow a user, or the first most relevant tweets in the feed, which could help the service to “conquer” the people right away.

According to Twitter, this list brings just what apps you have installed on the device, with nothing of data about what people do in these applications. So, Twitter know that you have a transport application like Uber, but would not know anything about your travels with the app.

Twitter is not the only company to collect this type of information – other IT companies like Google and Facebook also do this under certain circumstances. If a developer has integrated its software kit, Facebook can use the data to mobile ads.

Still, the initiative of Twitter should increase privacy concerns, at least among some users.

The collection of Twitter data is started automatically, unless users have already enabled the “limit ad tracking” or “opt out of interest-based ads” on your iOS or Android devices, respectively.

The platform states that users are notified of data collection and may also disable it at any time in the application settings. Twitter also says that when a user disables this option, your data is removed from the company’s servers.