It’s been less than a month of Samsung global launch, S6 edge has received hit by reports of the screen rotation feature not working on some parts.

The early buyers of Samsung Galaxy have put a complain for S6 edge through online forums, that screen doesn’t rotate when they turn portrait to landscape mode. The regular DIY affixes phone rebooting, clearing app cache and factory manages did not work for these users, as per posts on the forums. However, numerous posts are discovered from the US Galaxy S6 edge users, but there are some posts from France and Hong Kong.

In certain cases, the sales representatives have suggested handset replacement. For some users even the exchange units suffer from the same issue. On the other hand, some users have finally finalized to downgrade from the Galaxy S6 edge to Galaxy S6.


Samsung official are not aware of this fact, according to some S6 edge buyers on these online forums.

One most active theory among the members of different forums is that powerful charges wrapped with the Smartphone leads to overheating of the handset, which causes the accelerometer chip to break.

Another update received on the Android forums by a member named DJ Push Play, “As others have stated, by using the hardware test, you can see that the accelerometer is stuck. To verify, enter “*#0*#” in your phone app to enter hardware test mode. Touch “Sensor”. The X, Y and Z for the accelerometer must all change in rapid succession as you rotate your phone. If any are stuck on 32767 or -32768, you have a HARDWARE problem which cannot be fixed by updates of software/firmware of ANY kind.”