We are about to design interactive images on virtually any surface and want to establish colony on Mars (doubts? Click here, also visit this page to learn about future scenarios already glimpsed). However, mass production of mobile phones with batteries capable of lasting more than two days still seems a distant dream. There are alternatives, of course: the portable fuel cells are reality.

The fact is that the methods do not require the installation of additional accessories for saving battery are available – the Onclickinfo has even listed a series of tips aimed at users of Android. This time, the owners of the newly released Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Galaxy will know the measures that generate savings in energy consumption. Check out five tricks.

1 – What application consumes more energy?

What applications use more or less energy in your mobile phone? Through Greenify free application, you can monitor your applications and disable those that may compromise the performance of the unit. Download the service through this link and then know how much energy each of the programs consumes power.

What app consumes more power

To disable the most “ferocious” applications, click Settings> Applications> Application manager. Then check the run length tab and choose the option to force stop or stop (“Force Stop” or “Stop”, respectively).

2 – Turn off unnecessary programs

Also in Settings> Applications> Application manager, tab “All” can be found so little used applications are disabled. Click on the services that are rarely used and select “Disable”.

Examples of features that can temporarily disable WiFi, Lock and Samsung S-Voice. Of course, for these applications to return to work it is possible – just repeat the operation described by this subject and touch on the “Enable” option in the “All” tab in Settings> Applications> Application manager.

3 – Mode “Ultra” for battery saving

Options are native Galaxy Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge “Power Save” and “ultra power saving” energy saving. To activate the option, go to Settings> Battery. But ultimately, what this tool? Standard energy-saving mode reduces screen brightness and fps rate limits the frequency of the CPU light and vibration notifications engine shuts down and reduces the time display.

mode Ultra for battery saving

The “Ultra” mode, in turn, still color conversion to grayscale is performed, restricting the activities of certain applications in and out of the WiFi and Bluetooth connections.

4 – To reduce the brightness of the screen

Adjusting the brightness of the screen using built-in Samsung devices is easy. But what about calibrate an application that performs the automatic adjustment of the display light depending on the intensity of the ambient light? This is the Lite Light, an application that, based on data provided by the user is able to “learn” how to display certain color temperatures and certain intensities of brightness during the course of the day function.

To reduce the brightness of the screen

5 – Uninstalling the Google Fit

Popular XDA Developers forum users have reported a problem in Google Fit – the error is a function of system wake locks a power management mechanism to prevent the entry of Android in a state of “deep sleep”. To uninstall the service, go to the Application Manager option, rescue the older version of Google Fit and uninstallation. Then restart your Galaxy S6.