By default, the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge have a small selection of preinstalled themes that are unique to the new editing tool that comes with the system. In addition to those already included, those interested can download other models applying online stores.

Samsung Offers Theme Creation Tool From April 2015

The problem is that the Korean company has not said when that third party developers could begin to gather and share their creations prepared especially for the new engine.

Concerned about the situation, the user Reddit gedankenreich decided to ask directly for the company when this obstacle would be resolved and got an answer. According to Samsung, the authoring tool will be available sometime in April. In addition, they reported that the engine will be an extension of the Chinese version of the Galaxy Note 4, A5 and A7.

Initially, the company entered the custom theme option only in the Galaxy series devices A. However, she seems willing to adopt the model of the new cutting-edge devices.