If you are the one who has used Android Apps then you must be astonished about the Ads as from where they are coming.  As per the French research team, you have the cause to be careful. They find a source to automatically scan Android apps for user tracking sites, and connection to advertising and few programs are more than little crook.


An assortment of 2,000 free Google play apps linked to a gigantic 250,000 sites disbursed over 2,000 domains. Many of them just discuss regarding handful of sites but 10% link to 500 either more — one egregious delinquent diverted to over 2,000 sites. Approximately 30% of apps observe the user tracking sites while some of those were connecting with 800 or more addresses. The real threat to your phone is not likely to be high. Just a tiny slice of concerned apps displayed to connect to apprehensive sites and many remaining come from developers that Google holds in high esteem.

On the other hand, the research team had focus on phone running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, so their skills might be changed that what one had get moving the trendy version of Lollipop. Still the problem is that one hardly knows which tracker site is caught up and there is no convenient way to block the connections one do not want. This whole research doesn’t conclude that one must ditch ad backed apps completely, it just serve as a friendly recall that one needs to take caution before grabbing them.